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Back To School Cupcakes

September is officially here! The summer is coming to an end (although with the recent rain it does seem like an age ago already at times!) and September is the time you may start to hear those familiar sighs of relief from parents all over at the idea of not having to think any more about scheduling and planning day trips out to keep the little ones amused. With so much going on and new things to plan, there’s no better way to start a brand new school year than with some cupcakes!

Perhaps your little one is starting Reception class or your rapidly growing darling is now going in to the Juniors. Either way, a batch of tasty cupcakes to share is the perfect way to celebrate new beginnings and to let them know how much you care.

school cupcakes

We can create a batch of brightly coloured school theme cupcakes like those above or if you let us know the school colours and if the school has an emblem, we can also incorporate this into the design. Whatever you have in mind, we are able to create the perfect school themed cake or cupcakes for you. If you also happen to know all of the names in the new class of your little one we can also do something like this bright yellow and green cake we did for a primary school to show off the names of all the class pupils.


You may also be looking to celebrate going in to the final year at uni and our graduation year cupcakes would most definitely be the tastiest way to start the year!


Get in touch with Miss Cupcakes today to find out what we can do for you. Or take a look at our online cake shop for a selection of our designs.

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