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Make Your Friends Jealous With These Baby Shower Cup Cakes


Baby showers are one of those fun times to welcome new little ones. It is a great time for women, and even couple to get together and celebrate the coming of a new baby. If you are throwing a shower, you will want to put a lot of time and effort into making everything perfect. The decorations are important, especially if you know the gender of the baby, and if you do not know the gender of the baby, something neutral in color, like yellow or green is always acceptable. The games have to be warm, and friendly, and fun and get all the guests involved. Because most showers last a few hours, you will want to make them as entertaining as possible.

When it comes to food, there is always several options to choose from that are suitable. Some people prefer finger food, while others prefer something more formal like a sit down lunch, or possibly having the food catered. Depending on your selections, the mother-to-be, and your budget, will also help determine your choice of food.DSC_4127

The shower cake is always something that is anticipated at all showers. It has to be eye catching, tasty and a showstopper. Cakes are the traditional dessert choice for most showers, however, nowadays, many people prefer cupcakes. Baby shower Cup cakes are great choices because you can order a specific amount so you know everyone will be served, and the size of a cupcake is enough to satisfy.

There are special baby shower cup cakes that are made specifically for the occasion. You can have the cupcakes designed exactly as you prefer. If you want them to for a girl, then a girl them will be used and if you want a boy, then a boy theme can be used. The cupcakes can be so decorative and fancy that all your friends will be jealous with these unique cupcakes. The cupcakes can either come separately, and individually designed or they can come all together, decorated and ready to separate when you are ready to eat them. The benefit of cupcakes is they are never really wasted. Many times with cake, people will eat a little and throw the rest of it away but with a cupcake, the portion size is perfect.

Every baby needs to be welcomed in a fun and entertaining way and anyone responsible for throwing a baby shower will want to deliver the very best shower possible.

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