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The Importance of Wedding Cakes.



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I remember my first taste of wedding cake. I don’t know if it was the euphoria of the occasion or the general merriment but it was quite possibly the best cake I had ever tasted, as was any wedding cake thereafter. It’s an iconic part of any wedding and plays an important role on such a pivotal day.

Wedding Cake Traditions and Superstitions.
The wedding cake dates back centuries and has come in all sorts of forms, whether it was sweet bread, bride pie, profiteroles or the cake we see today. It has been known to symbolise fertility, good luck and social status. Here are a few of these traditions;

Cutting of the Cake – This is one of the most anticipated and photo worthy moments of the reception. It also carries with it a lot of symbolism – just try to resist the cliché of smudging it into your partners face, this can only bring bad luck.

Saving the Top – Some couples consider it good luck to save the top of the cake to enjoy on their first wedding anniversary. I can’t imagine eating a year old cake but it’s a ‘sweet’ idea. Fun Fact: This tradition was originally linked to the christening of the first child.

Bridesmaids Can Have a Slice – Bridesmaids are supposed to take their slice of cake and place it under their pillow, this should bring dreams of their future husband. I’m not sure I could wait that long to eat cake, the things we do for love.

A kiss and A Tier – The Tiered cake comes from a tradition where the Bride and groom would attempt to kiss over a pile of stacked cakes without knocking them over. If they succeeded, it would mean a long and happy marriage.

Modern Cakes.
As important as traditions are, the cake (as the centre piece) has become just as visual as it is symbolic. Here are some examples of the cakes I have made for weddings…


Whether it’s for traditions or a decorative (and tasty) art piece, it’s no doubt that a cake will be one of the important things on your list and there is no reason why it shouldn’t be the best cake ever!


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